Meditation Made Easy For Parents

 Meditation Made Easy for Parents is a 5 day course that teaches you 5 simple techniques and helps you incorporate them into your busy schedule with ease.  Blends of ancient mindfulness practices, these modern meditations-on-the-go are specially designed for the hectic Hong Kong lifestyle. The Parents edition of Mindfulness Made Easy covers special topics that parents bring to the table. 


What people are saying:

“The course material is very easy to apply in even the most busy schedule. The variety of exercises given is fun and give options for different situations. Elena is an experienced, caring and 'down to earth’ mentor.” Philip, Osteopath

“One technique brought me a bird’s eye view on the entire setting I was in. It gave me a sense of not having missed anything but not being bombarded by anything either. It calmed me.” -Joseph, Investment Analyst

“These techniques make me feel free and energized; I like them a lot and practice on a daily basis. I feel very positive mentally and physically. They’ve helped me immensely.” - Birgitte, Single Parent



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