Up Up and Away English


Kindie (3-5yrs)  Primary 1 (6-8yrs)  Primary 2 (9-11yrs) 


Our core summer English Language course launches into the air with an exciting programme exploring the skies, outer space and beyond! Up Up and Away is a range of courses that uses everything air-born; birds, kites, planes, rockets and spaceships, to enthuse and motivate language learning. 

In Up Up and Away students will: 


• develop language skills and expand vocabulary 

• explore a variety of literature by world famous authors 

• research and seek information 

• solve problems in a variety of ways 

• have the opportunity to take part in communicative language activities that will develop the four skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking. 



Up Up and Away will enrich your child - intellectually, educationally and culturally. 


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